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The use of automated softwares or robots is becoming a culture in foreign exchange markets. Many of the traders are moving towards the use of several automated forex softwares that can assist them in making decisions about forex trade. The struggle against all the possible shortcomings and flaws that come in the way has also become vehement. All the forex softwares that are available to the traders is developed using a unique concept. The core concept of every forex robot determines its accuracy of its market forecast.

Forex softwares available in the market claim to be user friendly but later when the traders buy these softwares, these claims come up to be mere lies. Most of the softwares available in the family of forex trading are later found irritating despite of all the claims by the developers or vendors. The second problem that most of the traders face is that they could not help themselves use the software. However, most of the reviews and user feedbacks about Forex Megadroid are positive. The traders whether they are experienced or not, find Megadroid easy to use software. Thus they spend much of their time in trading and not learning with the software and quarreling with the computer.
Many of the forex softwares available for traders' works only if the market changes are not abrupt and fluctuating. The forecast made by many forex softwares in fluctuating market conditions does not prove to be true. The reason is that they are only programmed to work in certain market conditions. But as the market conditions change, forex robot is unable to understand and forecast the market trends. Forex megadroid is able to work in fluctuating market conditions because it claims to use a new technology as the core of it artificial intelligence system. This new technology is called the Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis or RCTPA. Using this technology forex robot is able to use historic as well as current market data to forecast market conditions. It is always wise for the traders to first try any such software before actually buying to see whether it comes up to the claims of its developers or not.

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