Google Adds Creative Filter to Image Search

Yesterday, Google announced the launch of a new feature on Image Search. This feature will help you find free images while giving due respect to the wishes of artists and creators. A few days, Google had made it easier for users to toggle the SafeSearch and prevent adult content from showing up in the image results. The new creative filter is just another addition to image search. It will allow you to discover images from across the web, which you can share, use and even modify. It also restricts your Image Search results to images which have been tagged with licenses such as Creative Commons as well as other licenses, like GNU Free Documentation license

Google Maps Gadget Makes It Easier To Find Destinations

There is always something happening in Google Maps. The latest is that it unveiled a new directions gadget, which proves helpful for businesses, such as hotels for they can offer customers with customized Google Maps directions to their business locations. The new gadget also gives an end to the need of typing and updating sets of text directions!

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