New Sharp Aquos LE700 series LED backlit TVs

Sharp has introduced its LE700 series LED TVs, using edge-lit LED backlight technology instead of CCFL. Unlike Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and Vizio, Sharp’s LE700 series have no local dimming function.


The lack of local dimming means that, in tests, the blacks in bright scenes won’t be on par with the best of those TVs above. The Sharp LE700 series lack both video streaming and use of Yahoo’s widget platform for services such as Amazon or Flickr.

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Sharp explained that their X-Gen panel with 10-bit processing lets them align the pixels in an impressive ways for good black levels. However, Sharp promises local dimming feature and looking into Yahoo in future LED TVs series in 2010.

Here are the pricing and the press release:

  • $2799 for 52 inch
  • $2199 for 46 inch
  • $1699 for 40 inch
  • $1099 for 32 inch

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