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With SWTOR in development what better time is there to revisit the experience that was ‘Knights of the Old Republic I & II”?  

David Seaman – who runs his own PC gaming blog – is linking to ‘PC Gaming Forum’; and in turn we are linking with his own quality reviews of these Bioware/Star Wars classics.

David’s review of KOTOR I can be found here: 


Further – his review of KOTOR II can be found at the URL below;


If you’ve already played KOTOR I&II – perhaps these reviews will encourage you to ‘dust off’ their old boxes an revisit your adventures.

And if you’re interested in SWTOR – but haven’t played the KOTOR series yet – then perhaps this will whet your appetite – to partake of the Star Wars universe – without having to wait until 2010 – or whenever SWTOR is published.

What follows is a 'run down' on the KOTOR series from David:

With all the excitement caused by LucasArts announcing the development of Star Wars: The Old Republic, it’s sometimes easy to forget that this MMORPG was created due to the success of two other games; Knights of the Old Republic (known affectionately as KOTOR) and its sequel, KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords.   In the first game you played the role of a soldier who became a Jedi initiate, and who turned out to have an incredible secret.  I can still remember my amazement as I first saw the scene in which your player character’s part was revealed.  The first KOTOR game had one of the best storylines ever to grace a video game, and it remains a game that I and many others are very fond of.

As is the way with most sequels, KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords had a rather mixed reception.  Many criticised it for not adding much new to the game, though the first game was so good that more of the same didn’t seem a bad thing to me.  The storyline clearly wasn’t as good though and the fact that LucasArts rushed it to the shelves with a disappointing ending and a whole sub-story just completely missing didn’t impress fans.  Still, in general it was still a good game and very enjoyable, whether you played the Light Side or the Dark Side.  As sequels go it wasn’t at all bad.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the ending of KOTOR 2 is that is seemed to be leading to a plot-resolving third game.  From what I’ve read of SWTOR, the time period in which the game takes place is significantly different.  So are Bioware / LucasArts holding out for a third KOTOR game?  I certainly hope so...

Following on from that brief review - while you're at it - you may like to take a closer look at David's blog.  It contains an awful lot of 'retro' gaming material - that true enthusiasts will really appreciate.

see: http://captaind-pc-gaming.blogspot.com/

nb:   If you're not interested in reliving the KOTOR experience then there's a lot of material on SWTOR below.   You're welcome to read, comment, speculate... 

And in the coming weeks we expect to 'broaden our horizons' beyond SWTOR.  It might not be everyone's idea of fun - but I'm curious about how 'The Sims 3' will turn out.

See you all around.  :-)

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