Puzzle Kingdoms



Puzzle Kingdoms is similar to Puzzle Quest, at least in some ways. It is as fun as Puzzle Quest, if not prettier (the truth is most of you will find that Puzzle Kingdoms is hideous).

How do you play the game?

Well first of all, choose a new warload in Puzzle Kingdoms. Then you will be meeting heroes that you will lead in a battle throughout the game. The heroes will be learning new spells and gain new abilities, as they advance.

The most important in the game is to pay attention to the gold. You will use the gold for recruitment of different troops in your battle. Be reminded that you will lose if all your troops die and you have no more gold.

If you are not in a battle, have fun playing some minigames. There are 3 places you can play minigames, the shrine, dungeons and taverns. Usually you will get status upgrade if you win the minigames.

This game could be addictive if you love it, or it could be a turn off if you find the graphics are ugly. I would say it is worth a shot because it is a fun game. Although the graphics might not live up to the expectation but the game play is interesting.

Give it a try. Who knows this is the game suitable for you.

Have played this game? Tell us what you think.

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