HoloCube 3D Projection Box


You may ever see the futuristic themed movies in the past. In the film, all completely digitally described. No we know, that period is in progress to this day. One you can see evidence of this unique gadget. HoloCube 3D, the tool is capable of displaying animated images through a 3D box measuring 20 ". In the situation does not work, this box looks like a box with the usual wall of glass.

However, when you turn on, radiated interesting picture of sway. 3D projection HoloCube Box integrated with the HDD. You can save video data with a resolution of 1080i. Displayed image, the process has the same job with a hologram. Therefore, the tool is also referred to as holographic. In fact, the tool is used more for business. But if you want to put in the room, why not? (Price: N/A)

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